Matt Dollar Batmobile Thief

This joker will take your money and never deliver your Batmobile.

I am posting warnings all over the Internet of how I got scammed out of almost $30,000 by Matt Dollar of "Designs of Hollywood."

Yup, he got me good.  Matt Dollar took almost $30,000 of my money, and still hasn't delivered my custom Batmobile, that he agreed to deliver months ago.

He has also ignored many demands to refund my money.

This guy is horrendously bad news.  I recommend you DO NOT give him a dime in advance to build you a car.  You may never see your money again.  And it's clear I'll never get the Batmobile I paid him for.

So if you want to buy a custom Batmobile Replica (Gotham Cruiser), don't buy one from Matt Dollar.  He'll rip you off.

His info:

Matt Dollar
119 W. Poplar Street
Johnson City, Tn   37604

Questions about his scam?  Feel free to call me at 703-757-8500.  I'll give you all of the details and proof you need.

Matt Dollar, Thief.